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The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the effects of kisspeptin (KiSS) on LH and FSH secretion in the seasonally estrous mare and to examine the distribution and connectivity of GnRH and KiSS neurons in the equine preoptic area (POA) and hypothalamus. The diestrous mare has a threshold serum gonadotropin response to iv rodent KiSS decapeptide(More)
1 Preface The Equine Reproduction Laboratory (ERL) has been an active education, research, outreach, and clinical service unit of Colorado State University since 1967. The ERL has evolved significantly through the years and is recognized as one of the premier programs in equine reproduction in the world. The ERL is a unit within the Animal Reproduction and(More)
Equine Cushing's disease (ECD) is a chronic progressive disease of the intermediate pituitary gland of older horses. Horses with Cushing's disease often have other health problems, such as laminitis, chronic infections, pseudolactation, and other issues. Diagnosis of ECD is usually based on clinical signs and endocrine tests. Medical management of affected(More)
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