Patrick McCafferty Lank

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Nutmeg is a commonly consumed spice. The toxic effects of nutmeg have been purported to be due mainly to myristicin oil. Prior poison center series of nutmeg exposures show very few unintentional exposures of nutmeg to children younger than 13. Case series from these centers did not record drug exposures combined with nutmeg. This study is a review of(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of synthetic drugs of abuse in the United States has grown in the last few years, with little information available on how much physicians know about these drugs and how they are treating patients using them. The objective of this study was to assess emergency physician (EP) knowledge of synthetic cannabinoids (SC). METHODS A(More)
The misuse of prescription opioids in the USA is undeniably a substantial problem. The causes of this " prescription opioid epidemic " are multifactorial, with numerous opinions existing on how the country can best curtail the problem. While sectors of the healthcare administration have deified the goal of complete pain alleviation, healthcare providers are(More)
BACKGROUND Substance use among older adults is an increasing concern, with the prevalence of substance use in older populations expected to double in the next decade. Drug and alcohol use is associated with trauma risk and outcomes, but little is known about the specific risk for older trauma patients. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the association between drug(More)
BACKGROUND Benzodiazepine-opioid combination therapy is potentially harmful due to the risk of synergistic respiratory depression, and the rate of death due to benzodiazepine-opioid overdose is increasing. Little is known about the prevalence and characteristics of benzodiazepine-opioid co-prescribing from the ED setting. METHODS Secondary analysis of(More)
BACKGROUND Thousands of people die annually from prescription opioid overdoses; however there are few strategies to ensure patients receive medication risk information at the time of prescribing. OBJECTIVES To compare the effectiveness of the Emergency Department (ED) Electronic Medication Complete Communication (EMC2) Opioid Strategy (with and without(More)
BACKGROUND Recent guidelines recommend universal substance abuse screening for all trauma patients aged 12 years and older because brief interventions can help prevent future trauma. However, little is known about actual rates of screening in this setting. METHODS The Illinois State Trauma Registry was queried for severely injured patients from 1999 to(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize emergency department (ED) patients' knowledge and beliefs about the addictive potential of opioids. DESIGN Mixed methods analysis of data from a randomized controlled trial. SETTING Urban academic ED (>88,000 visits). SUBJECTS One hundred and seventy four discharged ED patients prescribed hydrocodone-acetaminophen for acute(More)