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Studies using archived scales and otoliths to examine ancient fish populations have become increasingly common, despite many methodological challenges in ancient DNA research. Here, we describe a case of DNA contamination in both modern and historical samples of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii), where the source of the contamination is likely from milt(More)
Due to a timing mismatch b e t ween fee receipts and commission payments, there is a new and growing market for securities backed by fees from back-end load and level load mutual funds. This paper develops a contingent claims methodology for the valuation of these securities. The resulting security v alue depends primarily on the current v alue of fund(More)
This paper investigates the potential implications of valuation error for the accuracy of investment performance measures of property portfolios. Previous empirical research on valuation error is reviewed It is argued that there is considerable evidence to suggest that valuations are prone to error. A simulation approach is used to model the effects of(More)
BACKGROUND Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is the most frequently performed joint replacement surgery in North America. Patient perspectives on TKA have been investigated in various ways, including finding as many as 20% of TKA patients are dissatisfied with their surgical outcomes. Understanding the patient experience with TKA broadly and in relation to(More)
The major aim of the research is to examine the influence that valuers and valuations have on the workings of the commercial property investment market in the UK. The research described involved interviews with 30 fund managers and owners and their property advisors. It finds evidence that valuations do not stand above the market, but are instead an(More)
Obesity is increasing globally and can cause major chronic conditions. Much research has been completed in utilising digital technologies to optimise the self-management of obesity. This research proposes an obesity management framework which highlights digital technologies to promote self-management of obesity. This work discusses preliminary research(More)
This paper examines the effects of differential lease structures on patterns and levels of real estate returns in the context European economic and monetary convergence and integration. The cash flows of different lease structures are modelled in order to assess the nature of differential investment performance produced by varying lease structures and the(More)
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