Patrick M. Lank

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INTRODUCTION The use of synthetic drugs of abuse in the United States has grown in the last few years, with little information available on how much physicians know about these drugs and how they are treating patients using them. The objective of this study was to assess emergency physician (EP) knowledge of synthetic cannabinoids (SC). METHODS A(More)
Nutmeg is a commonly consumed spice. The toxic effects of nutmeg have been purported to be due mainly to myristicin oil. Prior poison center series of nutmeg exposures show very few unintentional exposures of nutmeg to children younger than 13. Case series from these centers did not record drug exposures combined with nutmeg. This study is a review of(More)
Two months before I started fellowship, Harry Karydes wrote an editorial in Journal of Medical Toxicology about his experience growing as a medical researcher during his tenure as a toxicology fellow [1]. As I sit at home writing the " Fellows' Perspective " exactly 2 years later, his editorial reminds me how fortunate I am to have the teaching and(More)
The misuse of prescription opioids in the USA is undeniably a substantial problem. The causes of this " prescription opioid epidemic " are multifactorial, with numerous opinions existing on how the country can best curtail the problem. While sectors of the healthcare administration have deified the goal of complete pain alleviation, healthcare providers are(More)
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