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Muscle carnitine palmityltransferase (CPT) activity was very low (0 to 14 per cent of controls) in two brothers with a syndrome of recurrent rhabdomyolysis and myoglobulinuria. In isolated muscle mitochondria the majority (87.5 per cent) of total measurable CPT enzyme activity could be attributed to external membrane CPT with severe deficiency of inner(More)
Cultured skin fibroblasts from patients with Menkes disease, an X-linked disorder involving a defect in copper metabolism, were analyzed for copper concentration by means of atomic absorption spectrophotometry. These cultures consistently exhibited elevated copper concentrations (mean = 335.5 ng of copper per mg of protein) when compared to control(More)
We demonstrate that glucose-6-phosphatase, pyrophosphate-glucose phosphotransferase, carbamyl phosphate-glucose phosphotransferase and inorganic pyrophosphatase activities are deficient in livers of patients with type I glycogen storage disease. This provides strong genetic evidence that these enzymatic activities reside in a single protein or share a(More)
This paper describes a family of multiprocessor-based accelerated CAD systems applied to electronic computer aided design. It discusses the product requirements, hardware architecture, system software, and principal applications running on the system. It also elaborates on the market and technology factors that influenced the product's development.
Over 70 exhibitors participated in this year's Design Automation Conference. Everyone from AT&T to Zycad was clustered together in the exhibit hall of Caesar's Palace. And although Hillel Ofek's keynote address lamented the lack of new ideas, there were several emerging trends and new commercial product families evident from the offerings on the exhibit(More)
This is the fourth annual review of the Design Automation Conference. Each year new concepts and ideas arise in the commercial DA community, and this year was no exception. Logic synthesis has emerged as the new CAE tool of 88, with a number of well-funded companies showing sophisticated offerings. Also, this year's conference will go down as the year when(More)
SPECIAL OFFER TO SIGDA MEMBERS: The SIGDA Advisory Board has approved a program to encourage the penetration DA standards in the design community. Any member of SIGDA may receive a subsidized copy of a standards manual (either the EDIF 2.0.0 Manual or the VHDL Language Reference Manual). There is a nominal charge of $5.00 / manual. This offer is good for(More)
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