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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling is fundamentally important for tissue homeostasis through EGFR/ligand interactions that stimulate numerous signal transduction pathways. Aberrant EGFR signaling has been reported in inflammatory and malignant diseases, but thus far no primary inherited defects in EGFR have been recorded. Using whole-exome(More)
Although it is known that reproducibility of ambulatory blood pressure (BP) is superior to office BP in middle-aged subjects, little is known in older age groups. Hence, we compared the long-term reproducibility of ambulatory and office BP readings in subjects over the age of 75 years. A cohort of 72 subjects 75-90 years of age (mean, 82 years at baseline)(More)
implanted due to continued risk of arrhythmia from electrolyte loss from the ileostomy. The QTc came down to 454ms and BNP fell to 179pg/ml at discharge. QT prolongation is the surface ECG manifestation of abnormal repolarisation of myocardial cells due to problems with cellular ion channels. The disorder is classified as either congenital or acquired.(More)
Acknowledgements The Michigan Department of Education and the Office of Education Improvement and Innovation (OEII) would like to thank and acknowledge individuals who assisted in the collaborative development of this Toolkit at the MDE. This toolkit has been designed to assist focus and priority schools in developing substantially approvable budgets using(More)
  • Nitram Sam, Simon Ssah, Kjetil Nippard, Jordan Nordgård, Ken Kilfedder, Victoria Clifford +494 others
  • 2014
Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank Amanda Hill (University of Manchester) for her contributions to the use-case scenarios and profiles supplements to this report and to the following reviewers for their expertise and time:
3 These reports were produced by a team of researchers from SRI International and The Consortium on Chicago School Research. The research team included Daniel C. The authors wish to acknowledge our partnership with the Chicago Public Schools in conducting this research, and particularly thank Bret Feranchak for his extensive assistance. In addition, we wish(More)
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