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User authentication on publicly exposed terminals with established mechanisms, such as typing the credentials on a virtual keyboard, can be insecure e.g. due to shoulder surfing or due to a hacked terminal. In addition, username and password entry can be time-consuming and thus improvable with relation to usability. As security and comfort are often(More)
Mobile location recognition by capturing images of the environment (visual localization) is a promising technique for indoor navigation in arbitrary surroundings. However, it has barely been investigated so far how the user interface (UI) can cope with the challenges of the vision-based localization technique, such as varying quality of the query images. We(More)
— This paper gives an overview of the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) algorithm, which provides an iterative method for computing the euclidian distance between two convex sets in m-dimensional space with linear time complexity. The algorithm is very versatile and several enhancements have been published since it was first introduced. Apart from some(More)
Saving money is usually a tedious task that requires a high degree of self-control for many of us. Some people have one or more specific savings targets in mind and thus need to prioritize them. We propose connecting a savings box with a personal smartphone. Thus, people become motivated to keep track of their savings for multiple targets. Using a savings(More)
Recent developments of multi-touch interfaces, which are touch devices able to recognize at least three touches simultaneously , have hit the commercial market with considerable success, as Apple's iPhone and iPad creations show. The technology is not new, however, but has a long way of more than 30 years of research and development behind it. Considering(More)
Gestural interaction has entered the automotive domain, allowing the driver to control secondary and tertiary functions of the vehicle. The design space ranges from mid-air gestures to surface-based gestures requiring little or no visual attention of the user. In this paper, we present an up-to-date survey on current gestural interaction methods in the(More)
In the present work, we report a novel method for the reinforcement of hierarchically structured molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) for the separation of human serum albumin (HSA) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) proteins under pressure driven flow conditions. The template proteins (HSA or IgG) were first physically adsorbed at their isoelectric point on the(More)
—Sharing information between traffic participants can improve traffic flow and safety. Currently, communication is mainly done via vehicle lighting such as brake lamps or turn signals. For enhanced information exchange, we propose using the exterior of vehicles as pervasive displays to present information that may be relevant to other traffic participants.(More)
Due to population ageing, the number of people that depend on mobility aids, such as walking frames, mobility scooters, or wheel chairs, will increase steadily over the next decades. In order to support the physical impaired outside traffic participants, barrier-free navigation and trip planning solutions have been developed. In this work, we go beyond(More)