Patrick Lichty

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In dispersed acinar cells prepared from guinea pig pancreas, cellular uptake of 45Ca was moderately rapid and reached a steady state by 60 min. At the steady state, 69% of total cellular 45Ca was membrane-bound. In acinar cells preloaded with 45Ca and then incubated with COOH-terminal octapeptide of cholecystokinin (CCK-OP) or carbamylcholine, total(More)
ARTIST STATEMENT When originally conceiving the translation of low-resolution digital photography to a physical form, I wanted to consider the historical precedents to the Cartesian image grid. The most logical of these is the Byzantine mosaic, which is a close ancestor of the digital bitmap. Although not rectilinear in the case of the Byzantine, the use of(More)
From ARToolkit's emergence in the 1990s to the emergence of augmented reality (AR) as an art medium in the 2010s, AR has developed as a number of evidential sites. As an extension of virtual media, it merges real-time pattern recognition with goggles (finally realizing William Gibson's sci-fi fantasy) or handheld devices. This creates a welding of real-time(More)