Patrick Leoni

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As the bit rates of routed data streams exceed the throughput of single wavelength-division multiplexing channels, spectral and spatial traffic aggregation become essential for optical network scaling. These aggregation techniques reduce network routing complexity by increasing spectral efficiency to decrease the number of fibers, and by increasing(More)
We consider already-trained discrete autoregressive neural networks in their most general representations, with the exclusion of time-varying input though, and we provide tight sufficient conditions and elementary proofs for the existence of an attractor, uniqueness, and global convergence. Those conditions can be used as easy-to-check criteria when(More)
We propose a lattice model for the secondary structure of RNA based on a self-interacting two-tolerant trail. Self-avoidance and pseudoknots are taken into account. We investigate a simple version of the model in which the native state of RNA consists of just one hairpin. Using exact arguments and Monte Carlo simulations we determine the phase diagram for(More)
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