Patrick Le Roux

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BACKGROUND During the administration of advanced cardiac life support for resuscitation from cardiac arrest, a combination of vasopressin and epinephrine may be more effective than epinephrine or vasopressin alone, but evidence is insufficient to make clinical recommendations. METHODS In a multicenter study, we randomly assigned adults with(More)
Ten adolescent judokas performed circuit training consisting of six 40-s periods ofjudo exercises separated by 40 s (CT1:1), 120 s (CT1:3), or 200 s (CT1:5) of rest. Heart rate, blood lactate concentration, and the number of repetitions were recorded. Heart rate reached approximately 180 beats x min(-1) at the end of work periods, with slightly lower values(More)
Mixing double-hydrophilic block copolymers containing a poly(acrylic acid) block with gadolinium ions in water leads to the spontaneous formation of polymeric nanoparticles. With an average diameter near 20 nm, the nanoparticles are exceptionally stable, even after dilution and over a large range of pH and ionic strength. High magnetic relaxivities were(More)
BACKGROUND. Morbidity and mortality conferences (MandMC) are collective reviews of records of patients, whose evolution was marked by an undesirable event: death or the occurrence of complications. The MandMC aim to improve the quality of care. This article intends to present three cases analyzed in MandMC in the French Telemedical Assistance Service(More)
The fast spin echo (FPE) sequence is sensitive to the phase of the magnetization, hindering its use in procedures such as diffusion imaging. The current solutions to this problem reduce the available signal by one half. We present the first volunteer study of a sequence which does not suffer from this loss of signal while measuring diffusion coefficients.
This work demonstrates a robust diffusion-weighted single-shot FSE sequence in the presence of significant offresonance, which includes a variable-density acquisition and a self-calibrated reconstruction as improvements. An nCPMG SSFSE acquisition stabilizes both the main and parasitic echo families for each echo. This preserves both the in-phase and(More)
INTRODUCTION Since Ebola worldwide infection, the Centre de Consultation Médicale Maritime (CCMM), French maritime Tele-Medical Assistance Service (TMAS), has been widely involved; this on request of the French Directorate for Maritime Affairs (Ministry for Ecology and Transport), to implement recommendations. Several procedures have been developed jointly(More)
French maritime tele-medical assistance is currently performed by a telephone consultation associated with complementary transmission of data (photographs, electrocardiograms, etc.) over the internet. Five case reports are presented to illustrate how photo transmission is useful to managing initial care and monitoring isolated patients. Case reports(More)
The maritime medical tele-consultation carried out by a doctor from the Toulouse Tele-Medical Assistance Service is currently based on tele-consultation using radiotelegraphy and the complementary transmission of data (photographs, electrocardiogram) via the Internet. In a previous article, we presented the benefits of photograph transmission for trauma(More)
The potential role of Eulemur fulvus (brown lemur) in the epidemiology of Rift Valley fever (RVF) in Mayotte, during an interepidemic period, was explored. In February and March 2016, 72 animals were blood sampled and tested for RVF. No evidence of RVF genome or antibodies was found in the samples. The role of other wild mammals on the island should,(More)