Patrick Laurenti

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The dermoskeleton of zebrafish fins is composed of actinotrichia and segmented bony rays, or lepidotrichia, which grow by successive addition of distal segments. The present study shows that evx1, a(More)
even-skipped-related (evx) genes encode homeodomain-containing transcription factors that are involved in a series of developmental processes such as posterior body patterning and(More)
Serially homologous structures are believed to originate from the redeployment of a genetic cascade in different locations of the body. Serial homologs may diverge at the genetic and morphological(More)
modulo belongs to the modifier of Position Effect Variegation class of Drosophila genes, suggesting a role for its product in regulating chromatin structure. Genetics assigned a second function to(More)
The even-skipped related genes (evx) encode homeodomain-containing transcription factors that play key roles in body patterning and neurogenesis in a wide array of Eumetazoa species. It is thought(More)