Patrick Lancaster

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Companion matrices of matrix polynomials L(λ) (with possibly singular leading coefficient) are a familiar tool in matrix theory and numerical practice leading to so-called " linearizations " λB − A of the polynomials. Matrix polynomials as approximations to more general matrix functions lead to the study of matrix polynomials represented in a variety of(More)
  • S Friedberg, A Insel, L Spence, Prentice-Hall, M Golubitsky, M Dellnitz +6 others
  • 2006
Briefly, a vector space consists of a set of objects called vectors along with a set of objects called scalars. The vector space axioms concern the algebraic relationships among the vectors and scalars. They may be found in any of the above references. Informally, they are as follows. Vectors can be added to form new vectors. Vectors can also be multiplied(More)
This study assesses the effect a paralysed cord has on the intensity of coughing. The air flow pattern during coughing of 10 patients with a vocal cord palsy was compared with a control group, using a computerized pneumotachograph system. There was no significant difference in the value of the peak air flow but the time taken to reach the maximum value was(More)
  • G Villard, Gilles Villard@imag Fr, C J Della Dora, D Dicrescenzo, Duval, F R Gantmacher +10 others
  • 1994
Calcul Formel et Parall elisme : etude de la forme normale de Smith. dans une extension alg ebriques de F. C'est en utilisant une \arithm etique parall ele a la D5" sur le mod ele de 1, 2, 11], que nous montrons que ces calculs se ram enent a des calculs dans F avec la complexit e annonc ee. 2 R ef erences. ABSTRACT We establish that the Smith normal form(More)
  • L Grubiši´c, D Zagreb, Zürich Kressner, P Lancaster, H Langer ( Vienna, I Mati´c +12 others
  • 2011
Springer To my wife. viii Foreword The theory of linear damped oscillations has been studied for more than hundred years and is still of vital interest to researchers in Control Theory, Optimization, and computational aspects. This theory plays a central role in studying the stability of mechanical structures, but it has applications to other fields such as(More)
— Robotic grasping has been hindered by the inability of robots to perceive unstructured environments. Because these environments can be complex or dynamic, it is important to obtain additional and precise sensing information just before grasping. This paper expands upon the pretouch modality by introducing a transmissive optical sensor. It can(More)
This study investigates the relationship between intensity and the open quotient (OQ) and speed quotient (SQ) values of combined glottography. Simultaneous electroglottography and photoglottography were performed on 20 healthy male subjects at intensities of 55 and 65 dB. Paired t-test statistical analysis showed that the open quotient varies inversely and(More)
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