Patrick L Carolan

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The clinical histories, physical examinations and results of head computed tomography and head ultrasound scans were reviewed in a group of 15 infants who had macrocrania, excessive extra-axial fluid and normal development. Diagnostic evaluations demonstrated mild ventriculomegaly and extra-axial fluid collections. No treatment was undertaken. All infants(More)
The spatiotemporal dynamics of the hedonic response to chocolate images was investigated in healthy participants high and low in trait-chocolate craving employing high-density ERPs. There were two sessions: (1) before and (2) after satiety for chocolate. Among cravers, chocolate stimuli evoked a positive amplitude ERP enhancement over the anterior frontal(More)
Behavioral and electrophysiological correlates of attentional bias to cannabis-related cues were investigated in a marijuana dependent group and a non-user group employing a drug Stroop task in which cannabis-related, negative and neutral images were presented. Behaviorally, cannabis users were less accurate during drug-containing blocks than non-users.(More)
Diminished emotional capacity is a core characteristic of psychopathic personality. We examined behavioral and electrophysiological differences in attentional bias to emotional material in 34 healthy individuals rated high or low in psychopathic traits using the short form of the Psychopathic Personality Inventory-Revised (18 high-trait, 16 low-trait).(More)
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