Patrick Kwabena Ofori-Danson

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The study of the activity concentration levels of uranium, thorium and potassium in drinking water from different locations in a gold mine in the Ashanti Region of Ghana was conducted using gamma spectrometry. The mean outdoor absorbed gamma dose rates at 1 m from the water were 0.524 nGy h, 0.422 nGy h, and 0.252 nGy h for groundwater, surface water, and(More)
The increasing rates of sea level rise caused by global warming within the 21st century are expected to exacerbate inundation and episodic flooding tide in low-lying coastal environments. This development threatens both human development and natural habitats within such coastal communities. The impact of sea level rise will be more pronounced in developing(More)
Some aspects of the ecology of the freshwater catfishSynodontis (Pisces: Mochocidae) in Kpong Headpond (Ghana) were studied. Five species were encountered, namelySynodontis schall, S. gambiensis, S. ocellifer, S. velifer andS. eupterus. S. ocellifer andS. velifer were not recorded in the area before impoundment and might have entered the headpond as eggs or(More)
The Kpong Headpond was the second created on the Volta River after Akosombo Dam, primarily as a source of hydroelectric power generation and potable water supply, and additionally, it has supported some fish production in Ghana since impoundment. The changes in fish community of the Kpong Headpond were studied to provide baseline information for strategies(More)
Muni is a closed lagoon that opens to the sea when the water level is high, especially during the rainy season. During the dry period, the water level is very low and the salinity of the lagoon water increases sometimes exceeding that of seawater. Only three finfish species and 8 shellfish species (live animals and empty shells) were found in the lagoon and(More)
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