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  • Susan Hyde, Nikolay Marinov, Sarah Bush, Marc Howard, Alex Kuo, Patrick Kuhn +33 others
  • 2011
The concept of electoral competition is relevant to a variety of research agendas in political science, yet the question of how to measure electoral competition has received little direct attention. We revisit the distinction proposed by Giovanni Sartori between competition as a structure or rule of the game and competitiveness as an outcome of that game,(More)
arl Marx predicted that revolutionary class struggles would transform the world during the twentieth century. Instead, it turned out to be the age of ethnonationalist conflicts. Wars fought in the name of national liberation or ethnic autonomy comprise only one fifth of the wars between the Congress of Vienna (1814) and the Treaty of Versailles (1919). From(More)
  • Lars-Erik Cederman, Andreas Wimmer, Brian Min, Dennis Avilés, Yuval Feinstein, Dmitry Gorenburg +9 others
  • 2009
*Correspondence should be directed to Lars-Erik Cederman (lcederman@ethz.ch). We would like to thank the many individuals who helped assemble the data set on which this article relies. We cannot list all country experts who generously shared their knowledge, but we should like to mention ESPITE its fundamental role in legitimizing the modern state system,(More)
Protein insertion into the bacterial inner membrane is facilitated by SecYEG or YidC. Although SecYEG most likely constitutes the major integration site, small membrane proteins have been shown to integrate via YidC. We show that YidC can also integrate multispanning membrane proteins such as mannitol permease or TatC, which had been considered to be(More)
  • Rebecca Littman, Neil Malhotra, Jacob N Shapiro, Eli Berman, Graeme Blair, Mike Callen +2 others
  • 2013
Numerous theoretical models posit that income is negatively correlated with support for violent political organizations either because of low opportunity costs to participation or because those who feel excluded from and disadvantaged by the existing political hierarchy are more likely to support non-state actors trying to disrupt it. Recent empirical(More)
Cotranslational protein targeting delivers proteins to the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane or to the eukaryotic endoplasmic reticulum membrane. The signal recognition particle (SRP) binds to signal sequences emerging from the ribosomal tunnel and targets the ribosome-nascent-chain complex (RNC) to the SRP receptor, termed FtsY in bacteria. FtsY interacts(More)
Scholars have frequently mentioned the link between a group's settlement pattern and its involvement in violent conflict. In this paper, I develop a computational model to examine this relationship in detail. I argue that the settlement pattern of a group has an impact on group mobilization, because it determines how quickly mobilization can spread from a(More)
  • Mehdi Shadmehr, Dan Bernhardt, Raphael Boleslavsky, Ethan Bueno De Mesquita, Odilon Camara, Georgy Egorov +6 others
  • 2014
We characterize a ruler's decision of whether to censor media reports that convey information to citizens who decide whether to revolt. We find: (1) a ruler gains (his ex-ante expected payoff increases) by committing to censoring slightly less than he does in equilibrium: his equilibrium calculations ignore that censoring less causes citizens to update more(More)
  • Mehdi Shadmehr, Dan Bernhardt, Scott Ashworth, Raphael Boleslavsky, Ethan Bueno De Mesquita, Odilon Camara +5 others
  • 2014
We analyze strategic interactions between revolutionary vanguards and citizens who have private information about payoffs from successful revolution. Vanguards sacrifice by initiating revolts that may not win support, mitigating a follower's risk of revolting alone. We show regimes may prefer radical vanguards to moderately-conservative ones because even(More)
project at Princeton, we studied the drivers, nature, and consequences of transnational terrorist threats as well as UN responses to conflict and peacebuilding. Biographies of the research team and instructors can be found in Appendix 3. The project was undertaken at the suggestion of senior United Nations (UN) staff in the Policy and Best Practices Service(More)