Patrick Keiffer

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Considering that high performance electronic computation has become extremely efficient, for an optical hardware accelerator to be relevant, it must solve a type or a set of problems where its electronic counterpart is still struggling in term of size, energy, or time. We have identified one such challenge as the minimization of large scale Ising(More)
The off-diagonal anharmonicity for a pair of vibrational modes, determined as a shift of their combination level, Δ(12), can be linked to the molecular structure via modeling. The anharmonicity, Δ(12), also determines the amplitude and shape of the cross-peak between modes 1 and 2 measured using 2DIR spectroscopy. For large anharmonicities, the(More)
We demonstrate a spectrally selective reflector that exploits asymmetric photonic resonances of a 1D photonic crystal. The proposed spectrally selective reflector has a very simple structure - essentially just a single high-index slab of GaN, properly perforated, and supported by a transparent sapphire substrate. With the proper 1D array design, nearly 100%(More)
High-frequency vibrational modes in molecules in solution are sensitive to temperature and shift either to lower or higher frequencies with the temperature increase. These frequency shifts are often attributed to specific interactions of the molecule and to the solvent polarization effect. We found that a substantial and often dominant contribution to(More)
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