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Blood samples are an excellent source of large amounts of genomic DNA. However, alternative sources are often needed in epidemiological studies because of difficulties in obtaining blood samples. This report evaluates the buccal cytobrush and alcohol-containing mouthwash protocols for collecting DNA by mail. Several DNA extraction techniques are also(More)
The availability of highly polymorphic markers permits testing whether complex traits and diseases result from genomic interactions between nonallelic normal variants at separate loci. Such variants may be identified by deviations from the expected distributions of alleles at a high number of polymorphic loci, when individuals with the phenotype of interest(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic inflammation is a well-known corollary of the aging process and is believed to significantly contribute to morbidity and mortality of many age-associated chronic diseases. However, the mechanisms that cause age-associated inflammatory changes are not well understood. Particularly, the contribution of cell stress responses to(More)
Theoretical models of anxiety have been developed in adult populations. The applicability of these models in child samples has been assessed using downward extensions of the questionnaires developed to assess the proposed theoretical mechanisms. This poses a challenge, as children are still in the process of developing the skills that are being assessed.(More)
We developed a simple method, based on the TaqMan technology, for fast genotyping of insertion/deletion polymorphisms of known location. The genotypes of 22 CEPH individuals, previously ascertained by conventional methods, were confirmed in the new assay without manual, time-consuming, post-PCR analysis. We propose to expand the application of TaqMan probes(More)
Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric disorders in childhood. Nonetheless, theoretical knowledge of the development and maintenance of childhood anxiety disorders is still in its infancy. Recently, research has begun to investigate the influence of emotion regulation on anxiety disorders. Although a relation between anxiety disorders and(More)
Children's understanding of the nature, origins and consequences of emotions has been intensively investigated over the last 30-40 years. However, few empirical studies have looked at the relation between emotion understanding and anxiety in children and their results are mixed. The aim of the present study was to perform a preliminary investigation of the(More)
Children's affective experiences and cognitive abilities have an impact on emotion understanding. However, their relative contribution, as well as the possibility of an interaction between them, has rarely been examined. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of severe abuse and learning difficulties on simple and complex components of(More)
We analyzed genomes of nonhuman primates to determine the ancestral state of a 9.1-kb insertion/deletion polymorphism, located on human chromosome 22. The 9.1-kb+ allele was found in 16 chimpanzees, 3 bonobos, and 2 Bornean orangutans; however, 9 chimpanzees and 6 Sumatran orangutans showed neither the 9.1-kb+ nor the 9.1-kb- allele, but a novel allele,(More)