Patrick Jowlehpah Hardy

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The resting-state cerebral metabolic rates for glucose of 10 severely depressed patients (seven bipolar and three unipolar) were compared, before and after treatment with tricyclic antidepressants, to those of 10 control subjects of similar age by means of positron emission tomography and the fluorodeoxyglucose method. Significant left-right prefrontal(More)
The Stroop Colour-Word Test (SCWT) and the Verbal Fluency Test (VFT), two tests that have been suggested to be particularly sensitive to prefrontal dysfunction, were administered to 23 severely depressed in-patients. Both tests were impaired in patients at inclusion, but only verbal fluency normalized with successful treatment of depression. VFT impairment(More)
OBJECTIVE Although genetic factors have been implicated in the etiology of bipolar disorder, no specific gene has been conclusively identified. Given the link between abnormalities in serotonergic neurotransmission and bipolar disorder, a candidate gene association approach was applied to study the involvement of the monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene, which(More)
BACKGROUND Genes involved in the serotonin system are major candidates in association studies of suicidal behavior. In this case-control study we investigated whether the serotonin transporter (5-HTT) gene encoding the protein responsible for the reuptake of serotonin from the synapse after its release from serotonergic neurons is a susceptibility factor(More)
BACKGROUND Many women with breast cancer need psychological help to cope more effectively after treatment. Cognitive and behavioural techniques are not yet well established in France. A multi-site randomized study was conducted to evaluate the effects of a psycho-educational group intervention in this population. METHODS Two hundred and three patients,(More)
The authors compared 16 nondepressed obsessive-compulsive patients (OCS) with 8 normal controls (NC) of similar age for resting-state regional cerebral glucose metabolic rates (rCMRglu) using positron emission tomography with the fluorodeoxyglucose method. OCS were rated for clinical data, and a neuropsychological battery was administered to 14 patients on(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare pain, fatigue, and sicca symptoms; quality of life; and psychological status between patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) and those with sicca symptoms but no autoimmune features (sicca asthenia polyalgia syndrome [SAPS]), and to determine whether a psychological pattern can be detected in patients with SAPS, which could(More)
BACKGROUND Depression, especially severe depression, is strongly associated with suicidality. Impulsivity is one of the main dimensions of suicidality. The objective of this study was to assess the structure of impulsivity in severe depression and its relationships to suicide attempts. METHODS 127 depressed in-patients were assessed at admission and after(More)
Contradictions exist in the literature regarding the effect of gastric secretion inhibition on phosphate absorption. In healthy controls, omeprazole would decrease the hyperphosphatemia or the hyperphosphaturia induced by an acute phosphate load, suggesting an inhibition of phosphate absorption. In chronic hemodialysis patients, gastric hypersecretion is(More)
Since reports have underscored that panic attacks (PA) may be an identifiable state occurring in schizophrenia, we studied the symptomatology of PA in a group of schizophrenic patients. Of 40 patients (21 males and 19 females) attending a clinic for maintenance therapy of schizophrenia, 19 (36.8%) had a lifetime history of PA. Seven among those 19 patients(More)