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The Rise of Islamic State: ISIS and the New Sunni Revolution
Out of the failures of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab Spring and Syria, a new threat emerges. While Al Qaeda is weakened, new jihadi movements, especially ISIS, are starting to emerge. In militaryExpand
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Street Papers, Work and Begging: ‘Experimenting’ at the Margins of Economic Legitimacy
Street papers are publications produced specifically for sale by the homeless and other vulnerable people in many countries around the world. Their social status is, however, often conspicuouslyExpand
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The political chaff from the economic grain? Rhetorical accounts of the embeddedness of begging
Abstract The idea that economic activities may be described and studied as ‘embedded’ in social relations has been central to much debate in recent economic sociology. The present paper analysesExpand
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Conclusion: Choosing Our Dependencies
The Conclusion summarises the central points developed in the book. It argues that only by broadening our view of economic dependence—looking beyond the usual suspects such as welfare recipients—canExpand
Endtimes in Mosul
Proprietors and parasites
This article introduces the idea of ‘dependence subtexts’ to explain how the stories that we encounter in property theory and public rhetoric function to make some actors appear ‘independent’, andExpand
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The Road to Market Society: What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets
The UK government has recently proposed that teachers should be paid according to their performance, as this, so one of the arguments goes, will increase teachers’ incentives to do good teaching andExpand
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Unearned Income and Inheritance
This chapter examines a foundational distinction in discussions of economic justice: the distinction between earned income and unearned income. It briefly sketches the conceptual history of theExpand
Claims of Need in Property Law and Politics
Both courts of law and political theorists have grappled with the problem of giving the concept of ‘need’ a place in our reasoning about the rights and wrongs of property regimes. But in the UK,Expand
Economic Dependence and the Welfare State
This chapter examines how in the last 40 years the concept of ‘dependency’ has been central to critiques the welfare state as an ideal model of social and political organisation. The chapter gives anExpand