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BACKGROUND It has been proposed that the hippocampus is a potential site for a neurodevelopmental lesion in schizophrenia. While smaller hippocampal volumes have been described in chronic schizophrenia, there have been few magnetic resonance imaging studies in first-episode psychosis. Furthermore, no studies have examined the specificity of this finding to(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore phenotypic differences between individuals with sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM) who are seropositive for the NT5c1A antibody compared with those who are seronegative. METHODS Cross-sectional clinical, serological and functional analysis in 25 consecutive participants with sIBM. RESULTS All participants met criteria for(More)
This paper introduces a method of extending natural language-based processing of qualitative data analysis with the use of a very quantitative tool—graph theory. It is not an attempt to convert qualitative research to a positivist approach with a mathematical black box, nor is it a " graphical solution ". Rather, it is a method to help qualitative(More)
Using a product line approach to software development and evolution requires much more than a re-use program: it requires the implementation of a common architecture across all members of the product family. FOOM represents a synthesis of FODA (Feature Oriented Domain Analysis) and Horseshoe models. It includes Object Oriented approach to Product Line(More)
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