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The relationship of prenatal care to perinatal outcome was studied in a racially and socioeconomically homogeneous population. All patients who were delivered at the E. H. Crump Women's Hospital and Perinatal Center from July 1 to December 31, 1979, were divided into two groups, based on the amount of prenatal care received. One group of 1,102 patients had(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether engaging pregnant substance abusers in an integrated program of prenatal care and substance abuse treatment would improve neonatal outcomes. STUDY DESIGN The subjects were women who voluntarily enrolled in Project Link, an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program at Women and Infants Hospital, Providence, RI. A(More)
Partial cystectomy remains an uncommonly performed procedure in the urologist's armamentarium. Historically, it has had a limited role in the treatment of bladder cancer because of the variable reported success rate and because of the high success rate of local endoscopic excision. When patients with muscle-invasive lesions are appropriately selected,(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite decades of tobacco use decline among the general population in the United States, tobacco use among low-income populations continues to be a major public health concern. Smoking rates are higher among individuals with less than a high school education, those with no health insurance, and among individuals living below the federal(More)
Human urine contains a spectrum of proteins derived from various organs in the body. This investigation was undertaken to identify a group of proteins secreted primarily by bladder urothelium. Saline bladder washouts were collected from 9 male and 4 female patients undergoing routine cystoscopic examination. Each sample was sieved, desalted, freeze-dried(More)
Peroxiredoxin 3 (PRX3), a typical 2-Cys peroxiredoxin located exclusively in the mitochondrial matrix, is the principal peroxidase responsible for metabolizing mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide, a byproduct of cellular respiration originating from the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Mitochondrial oxidants are produced in excess in cancer cells due to(More)
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Several studies and vital statistics reports have indicated that second pregnancies in the young adolescent have worse outcomes than first pregnancies. This study compared the birth weights and mortality rates of first and second births to 407 teenagers who were less than or equal to 17 years old at the time of the second delivery. Contrary to previous(More)
This study explored the changes in the lives of teenage fathers, from prenatally to 9 and 18 months postpartum, and compared them to a group of nonfather peers. At 18 months postpartum, more fathers were heads of households and fewer were still in school, although there were no differences in employment status. Although only 7.5% of the teenage parents were(More)
Among a group of 67 Black teenage fathers and 77 controls, the risk of repeat fatherhood at an average 20 months follow-up was 21.2 conceptions per 100 person years compared to a rate of 9.0 conceptions per 100 person years among teenage males not previously fathers. Repeat fathers came from families in which there were role models for teenage parenthood.(More)