Patrick J Scanlon

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Steadily high melanoma mortality rates urge for the availability of novel biomarkers with a more personalized ability to predict melanoma clinical outcomes. Germline risk variants are promising candidates for this purpose; however, their prognostic potential in melanoma has never been systematically tested. We examined the effect of 108 melanoma(More)
The members of the Committee approve the thesis of student's name presented on May 18, 2012. Communicating over the internet is becoming more and more popular at this time in technological age. With its popularity, computer mediated communication lacks all personal touches that communication holds in face to face communication. Internet users feel more(More)
The members of the Committee approve the thesis of student's name presented on May 18, 2012. The Internet has brought about a new and popular medium of communication. Social networking has become the new way to communicate with existing friends and family as well as form new relationships over the Internet. Facebook, the most popular social networking site,(More)
Matrix metalloproteinase-23 (MMP-23) can block the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.3, whose function is important for sustained Ca2+ signaling during T cell activation. MMP-23 may also alter T cell activity and phenotype through cleavage of proteins affecting cytokine and chemokine signaling. We therefore tested the hypothesis that MMP-23 can negatively(More)
Hyperacusis Josephine Marriage PhD. "Hyperacusis" is used to describe an intolerance or aversion to sounds that would be tolerated by most normal listeners. Although the term "hyperacusis" can be applied to peripheral and central causes of over-sensitivity to sound, this presentation will focus on the central auditory processing disorders. Hyperacusis is(More)
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