Patrick J. Hodson

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The effects of tamoxifen on cell cycle progression and clonogenic survival have been examined using synchronized cultures of MCF-7 human mammary carcinoma cells. Cell synchrony was induced by mitotic selection. Subsequent cell cycle analyses, using DNA flow cytometry, showed that 85% of synchronized cells had a mean cell cycle time of 21.3 hr with mean(More)
Purified populations of quiescent human tumour cells were isolated from plateau phase cultures of PMC-22 cells by centrifugal elutriation. Dilution into fresh medium resulted in these quiescent cells entering S phase exponentially with a t1/2 of 12 hr, after a 18-20-hr lag period during which cellular RNA content increased. Subsequent studies showed that(More)
The first computer-generated film of LASL's Reactor Safety efforts was developed using the ANIMATE framework, a program that adds visual capabilities to MAPPER. Numerous software limitations had to be overcome within a very limited production schedule. A significant achievement was the 15,000-vector-per-frame sequence depicting a pressurized water reactor(More)
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