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Ligand-and solvent-dependent electronic relaxation dynamics of Au25(SR)18 - Monolayer-protected clusters
Electronic relaxation dynamics of Au25(PET)18–1 and Au25(PET*)18–1 monolayer-protected clusters (MPCs) were examined using femtosecond time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopy (fsTA). The useExpand
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State-Resolved Metal Nanoparticle Dynamics Viewed through the Combined Lenses of Ultrafast and Magneto-optical Spectroscopies.
Electronic carrier dynamics play pivotal roles in the functional properties of nanomaterials. For colloidal metals, the mechanisms and influences of these dynamics are structure dependent. TheExpand
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Characterization of Emissive States for Structurally Precise Au25(SC8H9)180 Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoclusters Using Magnetophotoluminescence Spectroscopy
Electronic relaxation dynamics and near-infrared emission of structurally precise Au25(SC8H9)180 MPCs were studied using energy-resolved and time-resolved magneto-photoluminescence (MPL)Expand
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Chiral nanostructures studied using polarization-dependent NOLES imaging.
The Nonlinear Optical Localization using Electromagnetic Surface fields (NOLES) imaging technique was used to generate optical images in which the position of a chiral object could be determined withExpand
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Low-Temperature Magnetism in Nanoscale Gold Revealed through Variable-Temperature Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy.
The low-temperature (0.35-4.2 K) steady-state electronic absorption of the monolayer-protected cluster (MPC) Au102( pMBA)44 was studied using magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectroscopy toExpand
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Superatom spin-state dynamics of structurally precise metal monolayer-protected clusters (MPCs).
Electronic spin-state dynamics were studied for a series of Au25(SC8H9)18 q and Au24Pd(SC8H9)18 monolayer-protected clusters (MPCs) prepared in a series of oxidation states, q, including q = -1, 0,Expand
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Relaxation Dynamics of Electronically Coupled Au20(SC8H9)15-n-glyme-Au20(SC8H9)15 Monolayer-Protected Cluster Dimers
The electronic relaxation dynamics of photoexcited Au20(SC8H9)15-n-glyme and Au20(SC8H9)15-n-glyme-Au20(SC8H9)15 (n- = di-, tri-, and tetra-) dimers, where glyme refers to n-ethylene glycol dimethylExpand
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Walleye (Sander vitreus) Stock Assessment (2006-2007) in the Buffalo River, NY, USA
Wall eye stock assessment The presence of a naturally occurring spawning stock of walleye (Sander vitreus) in the Buffalo River has gone undetected. This study sought to determine the extent of useExpand
Variable-temperature variable-field magnetic circular photoluminescence (VTVH-MCPL) spectroscopy for electronic-structure determination in nanoscale chemical systems.
In this Letter, we describe variable-temperature variable-field magnetic circular photoluminescence (VTVH-MCPL) spectroscopy as a complementary technique to absorption-based magnetic circularExpand
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