Patrick J. Healy

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Activities of the brush border enzymes alkaline phosphates, leucine aminopeptidase and lactase and the lysosomal enzymes alpha-mannosidase and beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase increased in the serum of newly-born lambs fed colostrum. Feeding lipid and protein components of colostrum and bovine serum resulted in enzyme responses similar to those observed after(More)
The localization of acid phosphatase activity was differentiated from that of alkaline phosphatase in the foregut of the newborn lamb by light and electron microscopy. The examination of samples from fed and unfed lambs indicated the presence of alkaline phosphatase activity in endocytic vesicles originating from the brushborder. These vesicles, associated(More)
The intestine of lambs killed immediately after birth and at intervals after the first feed was studied by electron microscope cytochemistry. Ferritin, incorporated into this feed, was found within 2 h of feeding within vesicles throughout the cytoplasm of enterocytes lining the proximal and mid-intestine. Some of these vesicles had fused with the lateral(More)
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