Patrick J Gillich

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A number of armed assaults on public officials occurred in the early 1970s, which prompted the Lightweight Soft Body Armor Program to develop modern, concealable, soft body armor. Methodology needed to be developed to (1) determine the effectiveness of the soft body armor to stop bullet penetration and (2) assess the potential injury from nonpenetrating(More)
The U.S. Army performs combat system survivability/lethality/vulnerability (SLV) analyses using a software package called MUVES-S2. MUVES-S2 is an Army developed and maintained SLV computer model capable of analyzing the effects of one or more munitions against aircraft or ground-mobile targets and personnel. A new approach to personnel survivability and(More)
A STUDY OF COMPUTER OBSOLESCENCE AND ITS IMPACT Jeff A. Whitley Computer hardware and software technology has grown at a near exponential rate in recent years. The more frequently this technology is upgraded, the more computer obsolescence occurs causing manufactured waste and user frustration. To analyze the effects of this obsolescence phenomenon on the(More)
OBJECTIVE There has been a longstanding desire for a map to convert International Classification of Diseases (ICD) injury codes to Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) codes to reflect the severity of those diagnoses. The Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine (AAAM) was tasked by European Union representatives to create a categorical map(More)
OBJECTIVE This article describes how maps were developed from the clinical modifications of the 9th and 10th revisions of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) to the Abbreviated Injury Scale 2005 Update 2008 (AIS08). The development of the mapping methodology is described, with discussion of the major assumptions used in the process to map ICD(More)
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