Patrick J Gillespie

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Sodium channel beta-subunits modulate channel gating, assembly, and cell surface expression in heterologous cell systems. We generated beta2(-/-) mice to investigate the role of beta2 in control of sodium channel density, localization, and function in neurons in vivo. Measurements of [(3)H]saxitoxin (STX) binding showed a significant reduction in the level(More)
Mutations in Prophet of PIT1 (Prop1), one of several homeodomain transcription factors that are required for the development of the anterior pituitary gland, are the predominant cause of MPHD (multiple pituitary hormone deficiency) in humans. We show that deletion of Prop1 in mice causes severe pituitary hypoplasia with failure of the entire Pit1 lineage(More)
Kirschner wires (K-wires) are widely used for fixation of fractures and dislocations in the hand as they are readily available, reliable, and cost-effective. Complication rates of up to 18% have been reported. However, K-wire breakage during removal is rare. We present one such case illustrating a simple technique for retrieval. A 35-year-old male presented(More)
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