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The efficacy of stuttering treatment has been a contentious issue in recent years. Two issues of primary concern include the treated stutterer's abnormal speech quality and the problem of continually self-monitoring fluency skills. One approach to addressing these issues is to obtain stutterers' self-ratings of speech quality and levels of speech(More)
A characteristic malformation of the cerebellum, including dysgenesis of the vermis and enlargement of the fourth ventricle was observed on computed tomography (CT) in 16 children on review of our consecutive material. Seven of these children underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which showed hypoplasia of the brainstem in addition to cerebellar(More)
This study investigated the modification of speech naturalness during stuttering treatment. It systematically replicated an earlier study (Ingham & Onslow, 1985) that demonstrated that unnatural-sounding stutter-free speech could be shaped into more natural-sounding stutter-free speech by using regular feedback of speech-naturalness ratings during speaking(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if the speech of adults who self-judged that they were recovered from stuttering without the assistance of treatment is perceptually different from that of adults who never stuttered. Fifteen adult speakers verified as persons who had recovered from a valid stuttering problem without the assistance of treatment(More)
Nerve growth factor (NGF) production in the cultured rat iris was examined using immunohistochemistry and bioassay of irides and conditioned media. NGF immunoreactivity increased steadily with days in culture so that the intensity of staining was maximal after 6 days of culture. The localization was shown to be sensitive to the presence of cross-linking(More)
A procedure for the evaluation of fluctuations in perceived pain intensity among chronic pain patients is described, and its psychometric properties and clinical and heuristic utility are examined. A heterogeneous sample of 97 chronic pain patients recorded 2 weeks of hourly self-monitored pain intensity (SMPI), completed a structured interview and several(More)
The study reported in this paper was designed to replicate and extend the results of an earlier study (Ingham, Cordes, & Gow, 1993) that investigated time-interval judgments of stuttering. Results confirmed earlier findings that interjudge agreement is higher for these interval-recording tasks than has been previously reported for event-based analyses of(More)
UNLABELLED This paper overviews recent developments in an ongoing program of brain imaging research on developmental stuttering that is being conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. This program has primarily used H(2)15O PET imaging of different speaking tasks by right-handed adult male and female persistent stutterers,(More)
Histone deacetylation and DNA methylation have a central role in the control of gene expression in tumours, including transcriptional repression of tumour suppressor genes and genes involved in sensitivity to chemotherapy. Treatment of cisplatin-resistant cell lines with an inhibitor of DNA methyltransferases, 2-deoxy-5'azacytidine (decitabine), results in(More)
There is no empirical basis for determining goals for stuttering treatment. One approach that might resolve this issue is to systematically investigate persons who claim to have recovered from stuttering without the assistance of treatment. However, critical methodological and conceptual issues must be overcome first in order to assure these persons had a(More)