Patrick J. Driscoll

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The principal contributions of this study are four-fold. First, we propose and illustrate a unifying meta-model architecture for fusing information in sensor-based decision support systems capable of delivering to the user strong inference results in support of tactical decision-making. Second, we demonstrate the feasibility of a completely automated system(More)
The Motor Transport Program Office for the U.S. Marine Corps (PM MT) manages the Light Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) fleet and must make decisions each year about vehicle procurements, overhauls, and retirements. These decisions are based on projected costs to maintain current vehicles, estimates of the remaining useful life of the vehicles, availability(More)
One of the most promising concepts being considered for use by the Objective Force of the U.S. Army is an automated Sensor-to-Shooter (STS) network. An STS network is a closed-loop, internal feedback system that links various suites of sensors deployed throughout a 3D battle space to a network of weapons platforms (shooters) using optimized communications(More)
W e present a study of the course scheduling and cadet timetabling problem faced at the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, New York. We discuss the salient features of this mixed integer assignment problem and the unique characteristics of the academic program at USMA. Accordingly, we develop two models to address their needs. The first(More)
1.1 Rationale Realizing the power of Network Centric Operations (NCO) depends directly not only on implementing weapon platform sophistication and lethality advances but also on how efficiently and effectively Units of Action (UofA) exploit information advantage to drive positive battlespace outcomes. We define information advantage following Driscoll and(More)
The Military Applications Society (MAS) is a democratically constituted professional society of open membership dedicated to the free and open pursuit of the science, engineering and art of military operations. It is the first society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). MAS advances research in military(More)
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