Patrick J. Bohrer

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Mambo is a full-system simulator for modeling PowerPC-based systems. It provides building blocks for creating simulators that range from purely functional to timing-accurate. Functional versions support fast emulation of individual PowerPC instructions and the devices necessary for executing operating systems. Timing-accurate versions add the ability to(More)
This paper describes the design and validation of a performance and power simulator that is part of the Mambo simulation environment for PowerPC systems. One of the most notable features of the simulator, designated as Tempo, is the incorporation of an event-driven power model. Tempo satisfies an important need for fast and accurate performance and power(More)
simulation in exploratory system design and development J. L. Peterson P. J. Bohrer L. Chen E. N. Elnozahy A. Gheith R. H. Jewell M. D. Kistler T. R. Maeurer S. A. Malone D. B. Murrell N. Needel K. Rajamani M. A. Rinaldi R. O. Simpson K. Sudeep L. Zhang This paper describes the design and application of a full-system simulation environment that has been(More)
The rise of the app revolution has brought small, simple, and affordable software tools to users for mastering mundane tasks with the help of mobile devices. With the success of the app paradigm, there is an increasing demand for applying the same spirit to problems which have traditionally been the domain of enterprise-scale solutions, e.g., system(More)
Authors: Steven Ashby (LLNL), David H. Bailey (LBNL), Maurice Blackmon (UCAR), Patrick Bohrer (IBM), Kirk Cameron (U. SC), Carleton DeTar (U. Utah), Jack Dongarra (U. Tenn.), Douglas Dwoyer (NASA Langley), Peter Freeman (NSF), Ahmed Gheith (IBM), Brent Gorda (LBNL), Guy Hammer (DOD-MDA), Wesley Felter (IBM), Jeremy Kepner (MIT/LL), David Koester (MITRE),(More)
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