Patrick J. Bohrer

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Mambo is a full-system simulator for modeling PowerPC-based systems. It provides building blocks for creating simulators that range from purely functional to timing-accurate. Functional versions support fast emulation of individual PowerPC instructions and the devices necessary for executing operating systems. Timing-accurate versions add the ability to(More)
This paper describes the design and application of a full-system simulation environment that has been widely used in the exploration of the IBM PowerPCt processor and system design. The IBM full-system simulator has been developed to meet the needs of hardware and software designers for fast, accurate, execution-driven simulation of complete systems,(More)
This paper describes the design and validation of a performance and power simulator that is part of the Mambo simulation environment for PowerPC ᭨ systems. One of the most notable features of the simulator, designated as Tempo, is the incorporation of an event-driven power model. Tempo satisfies an important need for fast and accurate performance and power(More)
BGLsim is a complete system simulator for parallel machines. It is currently being used in hardware validation and software development for the BlueGene/L cellular architecture machine. BGLsim is capable of functionally simulating multiple nodes of this machine operating in parallel. It simulates instruction execution in each node and the communication that(More)
of Findings The single most relevant metric of high-end system performance is time to solution for the specific scientific applications of interest. Reducing time to solution will require aggressive investment in understanding all aspects of the program development and execution process The current practice in system procurements is to require vendors to(More)
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