Patrick Hurley

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Commercial database management systems (DBMSs) have historically seen very limited use within the scientific computing community. One reason for this absence is that previous database systems lacked support for the extensible data structures and performance features required within a high-performance computing context. However, database vendors have(More)
Silicon nanowires (Si NWs) modified by covalent Si-CH3 functionality, with no intervening oxide, show atmospheric stability, high conductance values, low surface defect levels, and allow for the formation of air-stable Si NW Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) having on-off ratios in excess of 105 over a relatively small gate voltage swing (+/-2 V).
  • Rebecca J Mclain, Patrick T Hurley, Marla R Emery, Melissa R Poe, Rebecca Mclain, Patrick Hurley +2 others
  • 2014
Recent " green " planning initiatives envision food production, including urban agriculture and livestock production, as desirable elements of sustainable cities. We use an integrated urban political ecology and human –plant geographies framework to explore how foraging for " wild " foods in cities, a subversive practice that challenges prevailing views(More)
  • Rebecca Mclain, Melissa Poe, Patrick T Hurley, Joyce Lecompte-Mastenbrook, Marla R Emery
  • 2012
Keywords: Green infrastructure Urban ecosystems Urban food production Urban forestry Urban planning a b s t r a c t Over the next decades, green infrastructure initiatives such as tree planting campaigns, and ecological restoration will dramatically change the species composition, species distribution and structure of urban forests across the United States.(More)
  • Cassandra Y Johnson, U S Forest Service, Angela C Halfacre, Patrick T Hurley
  • 2008
The cultural and political implications of landscape change and urban growth in the western U.S. are well-documented. However, comparatively little scholarship has examined the effects of urbanization on sense of place in the southern U.S. We contribute to the literature on competing place meanings with a case study from the rural " Sewee to Santee " region(More)
Information Assurance (IA) is of growing concern to the field of distributed systems. However, IA cannot be considered in isolation, as it interacts with Quality of Service (QoS); in the presence of limited resources, the security mechanisms employed for IA (e.g., firewalls, antivirus, encryption) usually adversely affect QoS levels delivered by a system.(More)
In a distributed information system, Quality of Service (QoS) and Information Assurance (IA) compete for the same set of resources. This tension increases in the presence of cyber attacks. Previous work formulated the problem of trading off QoS against IA as a DCOP whose solution sets the local configuration at individual decision-making nodes to optimize(More)
Service quality on computer and network systems has become increasingly important as many conventional service transactions are moved online. Service quality of computer and network services can be measured by the performance of the service process in throughput, delay, and so on. On a computer and network system, competing service requests of users and(More)