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The paper employs majority voting among replica processes to move correct data from the environment to the end-user entity in a secure real-time application setting. The replicas may be wireless computation nodes deployed in a power-constrained environment, and the data may be quite large in size with nonnumeric and non-exact contents (e.g., imaging devices(More)
Commercial database management systems (DBMSs) have historically seen very limited use within the scientific computing community. One reason for this absence is that previous database systems lacked support for the extensible data structures and performance features required within a high-performance computing context. However, database vendors have(More)
Information Assurance (IA) is of growing concern to the field of distributed systems. However, IA cannot be considered in isolation, as it interacts with Quality of Service (QoS); in the presence of limited resources, the security mechanisms employed for IA (e.g., firewalls, antivirus, encryption) usually adversely affect QoS levels delivered by a system.(More)
Service quality on computer and network systems has become increasingly important as many conventional service transactions are moved online. Service quality of computer and network services can be measured by the performance of the service process in throughput, delay, and so on. On a computer and network system, competing service requests of users and(More)