Patrick Hugonnard

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This paper presents the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP), a platform accessible at to facilitate the sharing of object models and medical image simulators, and to provide access to distributed computing and storage resources. A complete overview is presented, describing the ontologies designed to share models in a common(More)
This paper describes the creation of a comprehensive conceptualization of object models used in medical image simulation, suitable for major imaging modalities and simulators. The goal is to create an application ontology that can be used to annotate the models in a repository integrated in the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP), to facilitate their sharing and(More)
Medical image simulation produces virtual images from software representations of imaging devices and virtual object models representing the human body. Object models consist of the geometry of the objects (e.g. organs, tissues, pathological structures, etc.) and of their physical parameters used for the simulation. The diversity of this information makes(More)
In NDT studies, the availability of a radiographic devices simulation is of primary interest to design the most suitable system and to predict the future device performance. Numerical simulation of radiographs and CT scans makes inspections more reliable and efficient by providing realistic quantitative answers to non-trivial non-destructive evaluations of(More)
This paper describes a framework for the integration of medical image simulators in the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP). Simulation is widely involved in medical imaging but its availability is hampered by the heterogeneity of software interfaces and the required amount of computing power. To address this, VIP defines a simulation workflow template which(More)
The X-ray radiographic simulation software SINDBAD, has been developed to help the design stage of radiographic systems or to evaluate the efficiency of image processing techniques, in both medical imaging and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) industrial fields. This software can model any radiographic set-up, including the X-ray source, the beam interaction(More)
A new gamma and X-Ray simulation module has been integrated to the CIVA software and completes the already available UT and ECT modules. This module is based on a combination of NDT radiographic modules developed at the CEA LETI and at EDF R&D. Direct radiation is calculated from an analytical approach (ray tracer and Beer-Lambert law for the attenuation)(More)
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