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Self-certified keys — Concepts and Applications
The authenticity of public keys in an asymmetric cryptosystem can be gained in two different ways: either it is verified explicitly after knowing the public key and its certificate, e.g. X.509 certificates, or it can be verified implicitly during the use of the keys. Expand
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Undetectable on-line password guessing attacks
We show that the authentication server is not able to notice this kind of attack from the clients' (attacker's) requests, because they don't include enough information about the clients. Expand
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Meta-ElGamal signature schemes
In this paper we integrate all these approaches in a Meta-ElGamal signature scheme. Expand
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Authenticated encryption schemes with low communication costs
A possible application of the Nyberg-Rueppel digital signature scheme is for authenticated encryption. Expand
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On the Risk of Disruption in Several Multiparty Signature Schemes
In this paper we examine the security of some multiparty signature schemes. Expand
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Meta-Message Recovery and Meta-Blind Signature Schemes Based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem and Their Applications
In this paper we present the Meta-blind signature schemes which have been developed from the ElGamal based blind signature scheme and the message recovery blind signature schemes discovered recently. Expand
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Generalized ElGamal signatures for one message block
We integrate all these approaches in a generalized ElGamal signature scheme. Expand
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Breaking and repairing a convertible undeniable signature scheme
In 1990 Boyar, Cha.um, Damgard and Pedersen introduced the concept of convertible, undeniable signatures. Expand
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Meta-Multisignature schemes based on the discrete logarithm problem
In this paper we present the first multisignature scheme giving message recovery based on the discrete logarithm problem. An efficient multisignature scheme with appendix has been proposed by HarnExpand
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Some Remarks on a Receipt-Free and Universally Verifiable Mix-Type Voting Scheme
At Eurocrypt'95 Sako and Kilian presented the first Mix-type voting scheme which is receipt-free and universally verifiable. Expand
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