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— Historically, local rural governments in India have enjoyed very limited powers and citizens have been afforded very few opportunities to shape local development. In 1996, the state government of Kerala initiated the ''People's Campaign for Decentralized Planning'' devolving new authority and resources to panchayats and mandating structures and processes(More)
Under the " People's Campaign for Decentralised Planning, " initiated by the government of the Indian state of Kerala in 1996, significant planning and budgetary functions that had previously been controlled by state-level ministries, were devolved to the lowest tier of government— municipalities in urban areas, and gram panchayats (village councils) in(More)
AIMS The first aim of the present study is to assess the overlap between borderline and schizotypal traits during adolescence. The second objective is to examine whether some psychological factors (i.e. cognitive coping mechanisms, impulsivity and encoding style) are differentially related to borderline and schizotypal traits and may therefore improve the(More)
  • Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Leonardo Morlino, Larry Diamond I, Miguel Glatzer, Patrick Heller, Charlie Kurzman +1 other
  • 2004
Equality points to one of the critical dimensions along which the quality of democracy varies. 1 What is at stake is political equality, not equality in everything human beings have reason to value, nor equality in the most important structures of social inequality – in class, status, and power. However, political equality is intertwined with, and(More)
Recent crosscountry empirical analysis has found that privately produced ratings of the performance of the central government bureaucracy in areas such as corruption and red tape are significant predictors of economic performance. We argue that several relatively simple, easily identifiable structural features constitute the key ingredients of effective(More)
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