Patrick Hayes

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We carried out a genome-wide analysis of polymorphism (4,596 SNP loci across 190 elite cultivated accessions) chosen to represent the available genetic variation in current elite North West European and North American barley germplasm. Population sub-structure, patterns of diversity and linkage disequilibrium varied considerably across the seven barley(More)
Empirical analysis serves as an important complement to theoretical analysis for studying practical Bayesian optimization. Often empirical insights expose strengths and weaknesses inaccessible to theoretical analysis. We define two met-rics for comparing the performance of Bayesian optimization methods and propose a ranking mechanism for summarizing(More)
Bayesian optimization is an elegant solution to the hyperparameter optimization problem in machine learning. Building a reliable and robust Bayesian optimization service requires careful testing methodology and sound statistical analysis. In this talk we will outline our development of an evaluation framework to rigorously test and measure the impact of(More)
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