Patrick H Gillespie

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INTRODUCTION Multimorbidity is common among the heterogeneous primary care population, but little data exist on its association with health care utilization or cost. OBJECTIVE The aim of this observational study was to examine the prevalence and associated health care utilization and cost of patients with multimorbidity. METHODS All patients >50 years(More)
BACKGROUND The association between scarring and the depth of dermal injury or burn is clinically recognized but not quantified. The authors tested the hypothesis that there is a critical depth beyond which a fibrous scar develops. METHODS A novel jig produced a wound that was deep dermal at one end and superficial dermal at the other. Pilot studies in(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in immunocompromised patients is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. A well-documented manifestation of gastrointestinal CMV infection is gastrointestinal haemorrhage. In contrast, CMV-associated intestinal perforation has rarely been reported after transplantation, although it is well documented in AIDS patients. Three(More)
The safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy of mannose 6-phosphate in enhancing the outcome in Zone II flexor tendon repair was studied in a multicentre parallel double-blinded randomized controlled trial. Eight UK teaching hospitals were involved in treating repaired flexor tendons with a single intraoperative intrathecal dose of 600 mM mannose(More)
PURPOSE The tension-band principle might be relevant to extensor tendon repairs, and a dorsal-only Silfverskiöld epitendinous repair is stronger and stiffer than more conventional techniques in vitro. We aimed to evaluate the strength and stiffness of the strongest epitendinous sutures described, using an in vitro model that subjects the repair to angular(More)
BACKGROUND Orbital exenteration presents a challenge to the reconstructive surgeon. Defects may be treated with split skin grafts, local advancement flaps, or free flap coverage. There are few published series showing the long-term outcomes of reconstruction. Our results, with at least a 5-year follow-up, are presented. METHODS A retrospective review of(More)
Extensor tendons in the finger are flat and not amenable to repair by core and epitendinous sutures. Mattress sutures and Kessler repairs without epitendinous stitching are often used for extensor tendon divisions in the fingers. Except when in full extension, the finger presents a series of curved surfaces (at each joint) to the tendon. It was hypothesized(More)
INTRODUCTION Split skin grafts (SSGs) are often meshed to increase their size and allow exudate to escape. We investigated the expansion obtained with meshing, and the possibility of re-meshing skin that has already been meshed ("overmeshing"). Both useful and inadvisable permutations are illustrated. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thin porcine SSGs were sideways(More)