Patrick Hède

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are commonly developed and tested using testbeds, which contain known responses to a query set. Until now, testbeds available for image analysis and content-based image retrieval (CBIR) have been scarce and small-scale. Here we present the one million images CEA-List Image Collection (CLIC) testbed that we have produced, and report on our use of this(More)
Shared evaluation tasks have become popular over the last decades as ways of making communities of researchers advance together. This paper presents the organization of five new shared task evaluation campaigns for image indexing and retrieval. We have designed these campaigns based on our previous experience of participating in or organizing various text(More)
—The rapid growth of the Internet information sources has led to organizing proposals, such as the Semantic Web initiative, with its ontological level providing a formal structuring for this disparate data. But given the amount of information to be treated even in a restricted domain, manual organization becomes rapidly unmanageable, and automatic(More)
Image annotation is frequently used in image base management. Unfortunately, manual keyword indexing is costly and not exempt of errors for large image bases. In this article, we present a method for automatic image description in natural language for images without problems of occlusion. This method relies on a double expertise in image indexation and(More)