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In array signal processing, direction of arrival (DOA) estimation has been studied for decades. Many algorithms have been proposed and their performance has been studied thoroughly. Yet, most of these works are focused on the asymptotic case of a large number of snapshots. In automotive radar applications like driver assistance systems, however, only a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES The purpose of our study was to determine the morbidity and mortality in initially stable patients presenting to paramedics with chest pain; to examine possible beneficial effects of its use, including reduction of sudden death syndrome in the prehospital and emergency department setting; and to determine if prophylactic lidocaine is(More)
Current automotive radar systems measure the distance, the relative velocity and the direction of objects in their environment. This information enables the car to support the driver. In general, objects cannot be completely separated by their distance or relative velocity, thus order and direction estimations are needed to estimate the number of objects(More)
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