Patrick Guo

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In the proximal tubule of the kidney, Na(+) and HCO(3)(-) reabsorption vary proportionally with changes in axial flow rate. This feature is a critical component of glomerulotubular balance, but the basic mechanism by which the tubule epithelial cells sense axial flow remains unexplained. We propose that the microvilli, which constitute the brush border, are(More)
In this work, different HfO X-based RRAM stacks, involving n +-Si, NiSi or Ni(Ge 1-X Si X) bottom electrode which can be easily integrated with source/drain of a transistor, are systematically investigated. It has been found that the involvement of Ni (or NiOx formed) in the stack is very beneficial to good switching properties. More importantly, RESET(More)
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