Patrick Griss

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We present the characterization of dry spiked biopotential electrodes and test their suitability to be used in anesthesia monitoring systems based on the measurement of electroencephalographic signals. The spiked electrode consists of an array of microneedles penetrating the outer skin layers. We found a significant dependency of the(More)
Prolonged sitting is generally accepted as a high risk factor in low back pain and it is frequently suggested that a lordotic posture of the lumbar spine should be maintained during sitting. We asked whether the sagittal curvature of the lumbar spine during sitting is affected by the seat tilt, backrest and the direction of the synchronised mechanism of the(More)
This paper presents the first microneedle-based transdermal patch with integrated active dispensing functionality. The electrically controlled system consists of a low-cost dosing and actuation unit capable of controlled release of liquid in the microliter range at low flow-rates and minimally invasive, side-opened, microneedles. The system was successfully(More)
When total hip replacement is performed, the position of the acetabular component may affect wear and component survival time. We considered the questions: In what way does displacement of the hip joint center alter (1) the magnitude and (2) the direction of the resultant force? Biomechanical tests were carried out on a human multibody model. After(More)
Harrington rod correction of the primary curve in S-scoliosis will be successful, if done in the right place and when stable postoperativey. The secondary curve will then correct itself spontaneously. The operation may be kept much smaller and mobility of the spine will be preserved.
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