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An in-vivo method, computerized tomography (CT), was used to monitor nephrocalcinosis in female rats. CT density data correlated well with renal Ca content measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. In-vivo CT measurements revealed that the severity of nephrocalcinosis may change spontaneously with time. Manifest calcifications may exhibit spontaneous(More)
The effect of dietary magnesium deficiency has so far been studied preferentially in rapidly growing rodents or in adult animals. Since magnesium deficiency frequently occurs in elderly persons too, magnesium- and calcium-deficient diets were offered during 32 and 64 days to 'old' rats (34 months old, spontaneous mortality of 15 per cent). The(More)
Female Sprague-Dawley rats (100-120 g) were kept for 12 d on diets containing 250, 1500, or 9000 ppm Mg. Then subgroups were loaded with water, frusemide or magnesium and urine was collected over 6 h. Moderately Mg-deficient diet (250 ppm) induced moderate hypomagnesaemia (62.3% of controls), but did not result in hypercalcaemia or the formation of typical(More)
Due to the widespread use of magnesium (Mg) in human medicine, interest in quantitative enteral absorption rates arose more than 100 years ago. The introduction of the AAS technique and of radioisotopes has stimulated research. Slowly exchanging compartments have not, however, been accessible up until now, and the exact mechanism(s) of enteral Mg absorption(More)
Magnesium (Mg) is known as an inhibitor of spontaneously contracting muscular tissues. To increase extracellular Mg in vivo, high doses of Mg must be given orally. Therefore, we investigated the effect of different doses of Mg given from the mucosal side of the small intestine of rats. According to the model of Trendelenburg, a system for the perfusion of(More)
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