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Michael Polanyi: the Augustinian Component
Breaking enmities : religion, literature, and culture in Northern Ireland, 1967-97
Preface Religion, Ethnicity and Transgression Fables of Identity: John Hewitt and Seamus Heaney Endogamy and Education: Brian Friel and Stewart Parker Gender, Pluralism and Equality: Edna Longley andExpand
The Tempest and the Magic of Charity: Believing the Images
The Tempest is a highly complex and subtle play. After Macbeth it is the shortest in the Shakespeare canon, with the fewest scenes and most music, and often it seems to belong more to the precise,Expand
Ben Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair: Physiological Determinism and Balanced Judgement
Jonson’s Discoveries, like his masques and much of his poetry, leaves little doubt about his didactic intent or his Humanist premises.1 The epigraph tells us that the collection is a kind ofExpand
Belief in Anarchy: Robert Graves as Mythographer
In the latter part of the seventeenth century an obscure but learned English parson described for his readers a pleasant garden. Walking in it, a sequestered homo beatus may, unawares, activate aExpand