Patrick Godwin

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Seventeen patients were studied 3-31 months (median 6.4 months) after mucosal proctectomy and ileal pouch-anal anastomosis for ulcerative colitis (n = 15) or adenomatous polyposis (n = 2). Seven had a triplicated pouch, and ten a duplicated pouch. Clinical bowel function was determined by detailed questionnaire, and correlations sought between clinical(More)
Ileal mucosal morphology, fecal bacteriology, fecal volatile fatty acids, and their interrelationships were studied in 15 patients with an ileal pouch-anal anastomosis and 14 patients with an ileostomy after proctocolectomy for ulcerative colitis. Pouch effluent, compared with ileostomy effluent, had a greater ratio of anaerobes to aerobes (p less than(More)
This study aimed at determining the sensitivity and specificity of Gram staining of synovial fluid as a diagnostic tool in acute septic arthritis. A retrospective study was made of 22 patients who had arthroscopic lavage following a provisional diagnosis of acute septic arthritis of the knee joint. Gram stains and cultures of the knee aspirates were(More)
A three month prospective audit of wound infection following emergency and elective caesarean section was carried out in five West Yorkshire hospitals. Among 4076 women undergoing delivery in the five obstetric departments, the caesarean rate was 15.4%. The overall infection rate was 45/628 (7.2%) with a range of 2.5-17.2% between the five centres. The(More)
Ascorbic acid, the reduced form of vitamin C, may protect against gastric cancer. Accordingly, this study assessed the variability of ascorbic acid and vitamin C in the gastric juice of 77 patients with dyspepsia. There was a vitamin C concentration gradient from gastric juice down to plasma in subjects with normal gastric mucosa, but not in those with(More)
Capacity and compliance, efficiency of evacuation, fecal bacteriology, fecal volatile fatty acids, mucosal morphology, and functional outcome were studied in 20 patients with triplicated (S) and 20 patients with quadruplicated (W) reservoirs after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis. Compared with patients with S reservoirs, patients with W reservoirs were found(More)
PURPOSE Acute pouchitis is a troublesome complication after restorative proctocolectomy. Deficiency of fuel, especially short chain fatty acids (SCFA), produced by anaerobic bacterial fermentation of saccharides, is implicated in ulcerative and diversion colitis. Our hypothesis was that SCFA deficiency occurs in acute pouchitis, and correction of the(More)
Faeces or rectal swabs from 1527 subjects were examined for the presence of intestinal spirochaetes by anaerobic culture on blood agar incorporating spectinomycin (400 mg/l). Twenty three specimens (1.5%) were positive, and only one of these came from a patient with diarrhoea. All positive specimens came from either Asians or known homosexuals. Comparative(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency department (ED) presentation of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) can be highly atypical and an ED visit might be the only health care interaction for high-risk patients. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to identify patient factors associated with discharge without a diagnosis of TB during an infectious ED visit. METHODS The study population(More)