Patrick Glanzmann

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A Tn551 insert in a gene termed fmtB was shown to reduce oxacillin as well as Triton X-100 resistance in highly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) COL. Backcrosses of fmtB::Tn551 into S. aureus COL and into two genetically distinct MRSA strains, KSA8 and NCTC10443, confirmed the linkage of fmtB::Tn551 with loss of oxacillin resistance. The(More)
The Staphylococcus aureus phosphoglucosamine mutase gene glmM was shown to be the last gene of a three-cistron operon, orf1-orf2-glmM. One transcriptional start was identified upstream of orf1, and a second start producing a monocistronic transcript was identified upstream of glmM. Disruption of glmM abolished GlmM production, decreased methicillin(More)
Teicoplanin resistance was transformed from a teicoplanin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus into the susceptible strain BB255 to give strain BB938. The cell wall composition, amidation of the iD-glutamate, and peptide crosslinking were identical in BB938 as in BB255 except for a 60% increased length of the glycan chain. Transductional crosses revealed that at(More)
The acute and prolonged effects of imipramine and tranylcypromine were studied on 30 emotive and 30 non-emotive mature male Wistar rats to determine whether the drugs affect the behavior of these two reaction types differently. We found that both drugs change the typical behavior of the rats in the open field, each in a different way. Acute doses of(More)
Purpose: CA-125 has been proposed as a potential marker for endometrial receptivity in assisted reproduction. This study was designed to evaluate whether the levels of CA-125 in the serum of patients undergoing IVF–embryo transfer (ET) is correlated with the outcome. Methods: Levels of serum CA-125 were measured on the day before and on the day of human(More)
The corpuscular composition of the blood and the alcalic leucocytophosphatase (ALP) activity was measured for a total of 40 emotive and non-emotive adult male Wistar rats in order to test the influence of a single dose of imipramine (IMI) and tranylcypromine (TRAN) as well as of IMI and TRAN given in a period of 8 days. Special attention was paid to the(More)
The corpuscular blood composition, ALP activity and glucose level of 20 E+ and 20 E- adult male Wistar rats were measured without stress. We wanted to find differences due to the specific reaction type--emotive/non-emotive--of the animals. E+ animals had higher counts of small erythrocytes and a higher total number of leucocytes than E- rats. When the(More)
A dosage of 3 mg Warfarin/kg body weight causes a highly significant increase in the number of platelets both in TMB (Tryon maze brights) and TMD (Tryon maze dulls) rats. Different "intelligence levels" show no effect on this increase. In condition of rest the number of platelets is significantly higher in TMD rats than in TMB animals. With regard to a(More)
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