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Bulls and bucks were used to study the blood flow into and out of the corpus cavernosum penis (CCP) during the non-erect state of the penis. When contrast medium was injected into the dorsal artery of the penis in a bull cadaver and into surgically implanted catheters of anesthetized bucks, it flowed into the cavernous spaces of the CCP via the penetrating(More)
A diagonal paramedian approach to the abdomen was used for unilateral ovariectomy in 15 mares. In each case, surgery was performed for removal of a granulosa cell tumor. All horses recovered from surgery with minimal complications. Surgical exposure of the affected ovary was adequate to allow exteriorization and ligation. Other advantages of this approach(More)
BACKGROUND Dialysis patients have increased vascular calcification of the coronary arteries and aorta by electron beam CT scan. The purpose of the present study was to utilize an alternative machine, spiral CT, to assess calcification in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. METHODS Two groups of patients with ESRD were evaluated: group 1, those(More)
Oviductal-stage embryos were surgically collected from 27 superovulated adult cows of various breeds, ages, and parity. A total of 88 surgeries was performed via a caudal flank grid approach, with the animals in lateral recumbency and the reproductive tract irrigated with sterile glycerol solution prior to surgical closure. Eight cows were operated on twice(More)
The intercondylar fossa (ICF) in dogs consists of a cranial outlet, intercondylar shelf, caudal arch, caudal outlet, a medial wall, and a lateral wall. The normal cranial outlet is bell-shape and, in mixed-breed dogs (mean body weight 19.2 kg, N = 21), measured 5.8 mm cranially, 8.1 mm centrally, and 10.3 mm caudally. The ICF is oriented 12 degrees from the(More)
The Centre for Economic Policy Research is a network of over 600 Research Fellows and Affiliates, based primarily in European universities. The Centre coordinates the research activities of its Fellows and Affiliates and communicates the results to the public and private sectors. CEPR is an entrepreneur , developing research initiatives with the producers,(More)
The vascular anatomy of the adrenal glands and a surgical technique for bilateral adrenalectomy in the equid are described. Bilateral adrenalectomy was performed in six ponies and one horse via bilateral transcostal retroperitoneal approaches through the 18th rib during a single anesthetic period. Complications included hemorrhage from the right side only(More)
  • P D Garrett
  • 1987
A recess of the urethra formed by a fold of tissue containing the ducts of the bulbourethral glands in male goats, cattle, sheep, and swine was investigated by anatomic dissection. The shape, size, and location of the fold and recess are described, along with their relationship to the ducts of the bulbourethral glands. The fold and recess in male ruminants(More)
This study evaluated the effect of notchplasty (enlargement of the intercondylar fossa) in stable and unstable canine stifles. Bilateral notchplasty and unilateral cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL) transection were performed in 6 dogs. Exercise, consisting of walking 1.5 miles three times a week, began 1 month after surgery and continued until euthanasia 6(More)