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We investigated glutamate-related neuronal dysfunction in the anterior cingulate (AC) early in schizophrenia before and after antipsychotic treatment. A total of 14 minimally treated schizophrenia patients and 10 healthy subjects were studied with single-voxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS) of the AC, frontal white matter and thalamus at(More)
The use of tissue water as a concentration standard in proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS) of the brain requires that the water proton signal be adjusted for relaxation and partial volume effects. While single voxel (1)H-MRS studies have often included measurements of water proton T(1), T(2), and density based on additional (1)H-MRS(More)
Magic-angle spinning (MAS) has recently been shown to enhance spectral resolution in NMR examinations of intact biological tissue ex vivo. This work demonstrates that freezing certain tissue samples before examination by 1H MAS NMR can have a marked effect on their spectra. Spectra of rat kidney after freezing in liquid nitrogen, compared with spectra(More)
A movable, actively decoupled surface coil has been employed to obtain a localized 1H NMR spectrum from the lumbosacral spinal cord of a live Lewis rat. A volume selective 'VOSY' normally spelled out as 'volume selective spectroscopy' spectroscopy pulse sequence that incorporates 'phase ramped' selective RF pulses, has been used to minimize random phase(More)
Physical activity is reported to protect against sarcopenia and preserve mitochondrial function. Healthy normal lean (NL: n=15) and sarcopenic (SS: n=9) participants were recruited based on body composition (DXA, Lunar DPX), age, and physical activity. Gastrocnemius mitochondrial function was assessed by (31)P MRS using steady-state exercise in a 4T Bruker(More)
Ischaemic preconditioning in rats was studied using MRI. Ischaemic preconditioning was induced, using an intraluminal filament method, by 30 min middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO), and imaged 24 h later. The secondary insult of 100 min MCAO was induced 3 days following preconditioning and imaged 24 and 72 h later. Twenty-four hours following ischaemic(More)
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