Patrick G Hourigan

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To reduce waiting times and costs, a specially trained physiotherapist was employed to review 100 patients with back pain referred by general practitioners (GPs) to a spinal clinic; 78% proved to have a spinal disorder. Only 24% of the original referrals needed to see the surgeon, with 76% being successfully managed by the physiotherapist. Six per cent of(More)
STUDY DESIGN Case series and literature review. OBJECTIVE To describe Dropped Head Syndrome (DHS) to the orthopedic community and examine the management of this condition including the role of surgery. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA DHS is characterized by severe neck extensor weakness, resulting in chin-on-chest deformity in the standing or sitting(More)
The quality of technique used at the time of socket cementation is crucial in ensuring a durable long-term result of the implant. We asked whether a new instrument, an aspirator retractor introduced into the wing of the ilium before socket preparation and cementation, would enhance cement fixation as defined by RSA and radiographic examination. We(More)
In 1994 we described a system whereby certain patients with back pain, on referral to an orthopaedic clinic, were seen first by a physiotherapist who referred on only the problem cases and those in need of surgery ('triage'). This practice has grown rapidly but there have been difficulties. To clarify these we have carried out a postal questionnaire. The(More)
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