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Little is known about the dynamics of chromosomes in interphase nuclei. By tagging four chromosomal regions with a green fluorescent protein fusion to lac repressor, we monitored the movement and subnuclear position of specific sites in the yeast genome, sampling at short time intervals. We found that early and late origins of replication are highly mobile(More)
An image analysis method is presented which allows for the reconstruction of the three-dimensional path of filamentous objects from two of their projections. Starting with stereo pairs, this method is used to trace the trajectory of DNA molecules embedded in vitreous ice and leads to a faithful representation of their three-dimensional shape in solution.(More)
We present a new method of automatic 3D filament representation which uses stereo micrographs to reconstruct three-dimensional trajectories of filament-like objects as DNA molecules. The method deals with low contrasted and noisy images, as obtained from cryovitrified samples by means of electron microscopy. The three-dimensional information is extracted(More)
Regional development agencies are confronted with a plethora of research funding programs that provide opportunities for regional research groups and SMEs. This paper describes the practical benefits and technological building blocks of an online matching service of research profiles with funding opportunities. It gives an overview of the infrastructure for(More)
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