Patrick Finnegan

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Limitation of grain crop productivity by phosphorus (P) is widespread and will probably increase in the future. Enhanced P efficiency can be achieved by improved uptake of phosphate from soil (P-acquisition efficiency) and by improved productivity per unit P taken up (P-use efficiency). This review focuses on improved P-use efficiency, which can be achieved(More)
The two forms of inorganic arsenic, arsenate (AsV) and arsenite (AsIII), are easily taken up by the cells of the plant root. Once in the cell, AsV can be readily converted to AsIII, the more toxic of the two forms. AsV and AsIII both disrupt plant metabolism, but through distinct mechanisms. AsV is a chemical analog of phosphate that can disrupt at least(More)
The alternative oxidase (AOX) of the soybean (Glycine max L.) inner mitochondrial membrane is encoded by a multigene family (Aox) with three known members. Here, the Aox2 and Aox3 primary translation products, deduced for cDNA analysis, were found to be 38.1 and 36.4 Kd, respectively. Direct N-terminal sequencing of partially purified AOX from cotyledons(More)
The alternative oxidase is found in the inner mitochondrial membranes of plants and some fungi and protists. A monoclonal antibody raised against the alternative oxidase from the aroid lily Sauromatum guttatum has been used extensively to detect the enzyme in these organisms. Using an immunoblotting strategy, the antibody binding site has been localised to(More)
BACKGROUND Phosphorus (P) is often a limiting mineral nutrient for plant growth. Many soils worldwide are deficient in soluble inorganic phosphate (P(i)), the form of P most readily absorbed and utilized by plants. A network of elaborate developmental and biochemical adaptations has evolved in plants to enhance P(i) acquisition and avoid starvation. SCOPE(More)
Soybean (Glycine max cv. Stevens) suspension cells were used to investigate the expression of the alternative oxidase (Aox) multigene family. Suspension cells displayed very high rates of cyanide-insensitive respiration, but Aox3 was the only isoform detected in untreated cells. Incubation with antimycin A, citrate, salicylic acid or at low temperature (10(More)
Data warehousing can offer great potential for organizations. Nevertheless, implementing a data warehouse is a complex project that has caused difficulty for organizations. This paper presents the results of a study of four mature users of data warehousing technology. Collectively, these organizations have experienced many problems and solutions in relation(More)
The effect of water stress on respiration and mitochondrial electron transport has been studied in soybean (Glycine max) leaves, using the oxygen-isotope-fractionation technique. Treatments with three levels of water stress were applied by irrigation to replace 100%, 50%, and 0% of daily water use by transpiration. The levels of water stress were(More)
Much of the assessment of OSS benefits and drawbacks has been based on anecdotal evidence appearing in practitioner publications. Due to its focus on software development, such work neglects whether managerial perceptions of such benefits and drawbacks have any impact on the organisational adoption of OSS. Although some research has been conducted on the(More)
Open source software (OSS) is probably the best known exemplar of open innovation, with many practitioner-oriented publications having debated the merits and drawbacks of OSS in recent years. Nevertheless, much of the academic research on OSS has focused on individual rather than organizational issues. Hence while there is some understanding of why(More)